201 S. Cove Harbor
P.O. Box 726
Rockport, Texas


8am - 5pm M-F
8am - 12pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

Haul and Block
Shrimp Boats / Power Boats
(Charged per foot for boats over 35')
(Charged per foot for boats over 31')

Quick Haul (up to 40')
Shrimp Boats / Power Boats
(Charged per foot for boats over 40')
(Charged per foot for boats over 40')

Set on trailer or launch from trailer
Set in A-Frame

Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Fabrication and Repair:
Aluminum back decks replaced


Bottom Job
Painting and Sanding bottom
(per foot minimum - labor only)
Additional labor may be charged due to condidtion of boat
Sanding bottom to Gelcoat
(charged per foot)
Buffing and waxing topside
(charged per hour)
Buff and wax sides
(charged per foot)

Sewer systems installed and repaired
Fuel tanks and fuel systems
Replace packing in shaft logs, rudders
Replace thru hulls

Water Systems: Fresh and saltwater
Install transducers and faring blocks
Trim tab work, Strut work
Cutless bearings replaced
Remove shaft logs
Propeller replacement
Work on steering system

All prices are upon request

-request a price-


Services and Rentals

Scrape, clean and pressure wash bottom
(charge per foot)
Pressure washer rental
(charge per foot)
Cherry Picker with Operator
(charge per foot)
Torch Rental (in yard only)
(charge per foot)
Welding Rig Rental (in yard only)
(charge per day)
Sander Rental
(charge per day)
JLG/Man Lift

Short-term and Monthly charges
Charged per day, everyday, while boat is in yard

You are given 60 days at a given rate per day. If no work has been done in 60 days, it's considered storage

Do-It-Yourselfers welcome at no additional fee!